Assessment of Antiemetic Activity of Methanolic Peel Extract of Punica granatumLinn by Chick Emesis Model

Page No: 38-43

Keywords: Antiemetic, Punica granatum L, chick emesis model, domperidone, fruit peel

Abstract: Punica granatum Linn (Family: Punicaceae) commonly known as Pomegranate, is a food plant distributed widely all over the world especially Afghanistan, Iran, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. Crude Extract prepared by using peel of plant Punica granatum, was investigated for its gastrointestinal antiemetic potential by using chick emesis model. The methanolic extract was prepared from the coarsely ground fruit peel through maceration, the filtrate was dried by evaporating methanol and water. Crude methanol extract of peel of the Punica granatum L. was further evaluated for its antiemetic activity. Emesis was induced by the oral administration of copper sulphate (50mg/kg) to chicks of 4 days old. The antiemetic activity was determined by calculating the mean decrease in number of retches in contrast with those of control. Pg.Cr (150mg/kg) showed antiemetic activity by inhibition of emesis 65.58% when compared with standard drug domperidone showing76%anti-emetic activity.

By: Muhammad Zegham Ishtiaq, Mateen Abbas

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