Attitude of Chronic Disease Patients regarding Polypharmacy and their Willingness to Deprescribe in Quetta, Pakistan

Page No: 44-56

Keywords: Polypharmacy, deprescribing, Pakistan, Chronic illness

Abstract: The current study was designed to assess patient’s attitude towards deprescribing in Quetta, Pakistan. A Cross sectional study was conducted to assess patient's attitude towards deprescribing. Data was collected from Government hospitals namely Bolan medical Complex and Sandeman Provincial Hospital and from community pharmacy from January to October 2015. Patients were interviewed, asked and guided to fill the Patient Attitude towards deprescribing questionnaire. Total 207 patients participated in current study. Participants’ responses and attitudes toward Deprescribing were analyzed, SPSS 20 was used for Descriptive analysis to demonstrate patients’ demographics and inferential statistics were performed. Around 54.6% patients showed positive attitude toward deprescribing, whereas, total number of daily medications, and discount on medication did not influence willingness to deprescribing the medication.

By: Noman Ul Haq, Muhammad Mohib, Sohail Riaz, Aqeel Nasim, Riffat Yasmin, Muhammad Samsoor Zarak, Maria Tahir

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