Exploration of Nurses’ Knowledge and Perceptions Regarding the Post-Operative Pain Management

Page No: 39-51

Keywords: Post-operative pain management, chronic pain, nurses, knowledge

Abstract: The current study was designed to assess the knowledge and perceptions of nurses regarding pain management in post-operative patients in different hospitals of Quetta, Pakistan. A cross-sectional study was conducted in different hospitals in Quetta among staff nurses and trainee nurses from August to October, 2016. Data was collected from nurses selected by convenient sampling technique through a questionnaire. A total of 208 patients participated in the study and their responses were analyzed by using SPSS 20. Majority of the respondents (n = 92, 44.2%) had age range between 17-26 years and most of them (n = 139, 66.8%) were staff nurses. Nearly sixty two percent of the nurses knew that patients (or their family members) think that the complete relief from the pain is the main objective and aim of treatment. Majority of the nurses (60.95%) had knowledge that it’s possible to keep the patients in a painless condition. Awareness regarding management of pain was very low among nurses in different hospitals in Baluchistan (Quetta).

By: Aqeel Nasim, Noman Ul Haq, Hafsa Anam,Maria Tahir, Sohail Riaz, Muhammad Saood,Fakhra Batool, Qaiser Rasheed

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