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Volume 1 , Issue 1 , 2018

1   Editorial
    Page No: 1-3
    By: Prof. Dr. Madeeha Malik
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2   Depressive Illness in Divorced Females: A Case Study
    Page No: 4-8
    By: Nayab Farooq, Saleha Sadeeqa
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3   Perceived Happiness and its Association with Demographic Characteristics among Undergraduate Pharmacy Students in Islamabad, Pakistan
    Page No: 9-17
    By: Ayisha Hashmi, Mateen Abbas
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4   Preparation and in vitro Characterization of Ketoconazole Loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles using Temperature Modulated Solidification Technique
    Page No: 18-37
    By: Abid Mehmood Yousaf, Mehvish Sana, Yasser Shahzad, Talib Hussain, Tariq Mahmood ,Muhammad Jamshaid
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5   Assessment of Antiemetic Activity of Methanolic Peel Extract of Punica granatumLinn by Chick Emesis Model
    Page No: 38-43
    By: Muhammad Zegham Ishtiaq, Mateen Abbas
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6   Attitude of Chronic Disease Patients regarding Polypharmacy and their Willingness to Deprescribe in Quetta, Pakistan
    Page No: 44-56
    By: Noman Ul Haq, Muhammad Mohib, Sohail Riaz, Aqeel Nasim, Riffat Yasmin, Muhammad Samsoor Zarak, Maria Tahir
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